Below is a list of administrative points related to my practice. Having an understanding of these ahead of the meeting/s helps best utilise the consultation time.

Introductory Consultation

This is the first appointment you book. It is an opportunity to present the issues you would like my help with and to meet me and experience my style of working. You are welcome to ask any questions, including those that would clarify how consultations with me can help you with the issues you have presented.


Appointments – Frequency, bookings, length

Emotional and mental health concerns, and personal or relationship issues at home or workplace, even when seemingly minor, typically require an on-going attention over a period of time. Following the Introductory Consultation, I can offer regular weekly (or fortnightly) appointments to successfully deal with such concerns or issues. Such consultations are held at a pre-arranged specific day and time, each week (or fortnight). This appointment time is available to you on an on-going basis and is not offered to anyone else.

The more regularly you attend to issues the easier the work and the better the results. However, if you wish to meet at an interval greater than two weeks, meet sporadically, or need flexibility of appointment times, you are welcome to book each such appointment separately, up to 7 days in advance, subject to availability.

In any case, attending the Introductory Consultation does not oblige you to book further appointment/s.

Consultations are 50 minutes long. To fully use the appointment, please arrive on time as I am unable to prolong appointments (due to further commitments).


Appointments - Payments and cost

Payments are expected at the time of the appointment. Cash and Smartphone Internet Banking are accepted. EFTPOS available at Albany office (but no Credit Cards).

The cost is $140 per appointment. A fee reduction to as low as $100 per appointment (after the first one) may be available to individuals on low income unable to pay the full fee. Please enquire if you think you may need a subsidy.


Appointments – Cancellations, non-attendance, excessive cancellations

All missed appointments are charged for unless notified at least 24hrs in advance.

For cancellations with more than 24hrs notice given: The first cancellation in any six-weeks period is free of charge but subsequent cancellations (in that period) are charged at 50% fee.

I can offer appointment reschedule subject to availability and it can include Skype or telephone contact.


Appointments - Reminders

No appointment reminders are sent out so, please take care of noting down / remembering your appointment time.


Consultations – Progress reviews and Termination

Consultations are meant as an open-ended arrangement. Please feel free to speak to me at any one time if you would like to review progress or if you are considering or want to terminate consultations. Please give minimum a week’s notice of termination, if possible.


Communication outside the appointment times

Business hours are 8am-6pm Monday to Friday. I may not be able to respond to communication received outside of these hours until the next business day. I respond asap, typically within a few hours of receiving your communication, and in any case within 24hrs.



All personal details and any notes taken are confidential, but confidentiality may be breached in case of a perceived high risk to safety of yourself (the client) or others.


Emergency situations

We are not equipped to attend to emergency situations. For scheduling appointments, at least a day's notice is needed.

In case of an immediate concern for your personal safety at any one time please contact an emergency Mental Health provider or the Police. For current details and contact information on the available services, see this webpage: www.mentalhealth.org.nz  For clients with a history of personal harm (by oneself or other/s, or to other/s), it is a good idea to have these contact details handy. If this applies to you, we can speak in more detail about the options available.


Alternative arrangements

If you might like to propose an alternative arrangement to any of those stipulated above, or would like to discuss/clarify anything, please feel free to speak to me at any time.