When I started counselling, I just didn't know who I was - oh I was a wife, a mother, a daughter, a sister, a friend, but I just didn't know who I was.
I was lonely, I had no belief in myself, I was sad, I was alone, I wasn't sure of the person I was, I was anxious, I had no self confidence, I worried all the time what people thought of me, I struggled to make decisions for myself. I was simply lost. I blamed myself and was too hard on myself when things didn't go right.  My self esteem was at its lowest. 
Through counselling I started to explore my thoughts and feelings. Talking about my life, my relationships, my concerns, I was able to explore my reactions and feelings around these aspects.
Ivor created a safe space for self reflection and I started to form my own opinions. Testing out these opinions in counselling helped me to start to find my voice.
I am now a different person, I love the person I am, I believe in myself, I value myself and I respect myself more and more each day. I love my humor that erupts spontaneously and I've got to know myself - the real me.
I still have one more goal: To be free, to find inner peace, to trust in my soul and to be happy. I am still working towards this but today I can honestly say through counselling... I found my beautiful soul.
Louise, UK immigrant