Immigrants / Relocatees
If you can relate to what you read in the following paragraphs then Tomas Counselling should be a good option for you.
When moving from a place to place, many people can find it a challenge to bridge the differences in lifestyle and attitudes between their former and their new place of residence. This can happen to Immigrants from other countries but also to born New Zealanders who have spent prolonged time overseas or those moving from a rural area to a multi-cultural metropolitan area. The issues of "fitting in" can have a strong negative impact on life satisfaction. The situation can be excerbated if the person is also away from their loved ones. However, the situation can also provide an oportunity to enrich and re-define oneself for the better. 
We can discuss and assist you with overcoming the challenges of immigration/relocation and help you realise the oportunities of this process. Consultation work is focused on finding ways to retain and express one's positive values, believes and behaviours from the place of origin while welcoming the integration of new values, new believes and new behaviours. 
The issues related to immigration/relocation can get manifested in many different ways. See our page for Individuals for some examples.