Partners / Relationships
If you can relate to any of the following questions then Tomas Counselling should be a good option for you.
  • Is the communication with your partner difficult?
  • Are you wondering if you are right for each other?
  • Are you thinking you might have grown apart over the time?
  • Has there been a lack of intimacy and/or sex?
  • Are you attracted to someone else other than your partner?
  • Is your partner attracted to someone else other than you?
  • Are you concerned about issues of control (physical, mental, emotional)?
  • Do you not agree with your partner's parenting style?
  • Does your partner seem "married" to their work or hobby and you feel neglected?
  • Would your partner answer any of the above questions with a "Yes"?
  • Is either of the partners experiencing any of the signs described under our " Individuals " page?

Couples sometimes come to a point where they may feel stuck and unhappy in their relationship (or any particular part of it) and unable to move forward. They may feel caught in a pattern of mutual accusations and blame for their difficulties, or just feel distant from each other. This can be quite exhausting and/or unproductive. Through the consultations, couples can expect to gain a clearer understanding of what may be keeping them in an unsatisfactory position and can expect to learn how they can start to relate to each other in a way that can promote both individuals' happiness.